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Products Wanted

SONEPA buy and sell and recycle many different types of plastics, rubbers
and additives.

Products Available

Plastics,rubbers and additives raw mate- rials in scrap,off sp-
ecification and virgin.

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HDPE crates regrinded, injection grade melt:5-7 red/blue/green 24 ton Neg 24 MT every month
HDPE can regrinded, mono/mixed 100 ton Neg every month
PE/PP diaper trimmings, clean dry white/blue/ping 100 ton Neg every month
LDPE film supermarket, 50/70/95/100% bales clear/coloured 100 Neg every month
HDPE bages production scrap, bales, un/printed white/colour 50 Neg every month
PE film from production on rolls and bales mono 100 Neg every month
LLDPE scrap bales, natural 30 Neg every month

PE-401 HDPE crates regrinded, injection grade melt:5-7, mono colours

PE-402 HDPE can regrinded, mixed
and mono colours

PE/PP-403 PE/PP diaper trimmings, clean dry, white,blue,pink colour
without cotton,etc.

PE-404 PE film supermarket, with/without sticker
-50-50% (clear -coloured)
-70-30% (clear - coloured)
-90-10% (clear - coloured)
-100% clear

PE-405 HDPE bages production scrap, bales, un/printed, cutting,

PE-406 LDPE film, production waste
50% clear + 50% white, baled

PE-407 LDPE film from production, clear, baled

PE-408 LLDPE film without sticker clean
natural on bales

PE-410 HDPE bottles baled mixed colours

PE-411 HDPE film on rolls clear

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