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SONEPA buy and sell and recycle many different types of plastics, rubbers
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Plastics,rubbers and additives raw mate- rials in scrap,off sp-
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PA (6,6.6,11,12) [Polyamide (Nylon)]

Image Description Colour Quantity Price Remark
  PA 11&12 cable/tubes grinded black  5 ton NEG Every month
  Nylon 6 & 66 film on rolls mixed 20 ton neg monthly
  Nylon 66 grinded 30%FG black 20 ton neg monthly
  Nylon 66 & 6 fiber, bales,  dry and wet natu 20 ton neg monthly

No. Description Photo
PA-401   PA12 and 11 cable, black colour


PA-402  PA66 film scrap on rolls, mixed colours


PA-403 PA12 grinded from production natural colour


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