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SONEPA buy and sell and recycle many different types of plastics, rubbers
and additives.

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Plastics,rubbers and additives raw mate- rials in scrap,off sp-
ecification and virgin.

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ABS [Poly(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Acrylate)]

ABS regrinded from telephone production mixed
& mono
100 ton Neg 20 MT
ABS pellets, from production scrap natural/white 50 ton Neg 20 ton
ABS lumps, powder, mixed and mono colour mixed/mono 100 Neg 20 ton
ABS parts/telephone grinded/ungrinded mixed/mono 50 Neg 20 ton
ABS FR grinded black colour, injection grade black/mix 20 ton Neg 20 ton
ABS grinded, vacuum metallized/sputter coated or
chrome plated, big pieces grinded, also pc/abs from automobile fender grills.
grey color 40 ton Neg monthly

ABS-401 ABS regrinded from telephone production
ABS-402 ABS regrinded extrustion
grey colour
ABS-403 ABS regrinded, mixed colour  
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