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SONEPA buy and sell and recycle many different types of plastics, rubbers
and additives.

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Plastics,rubbers and additives raw mate- rials in scrap,off sp-
ecification and virgin.

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As a full service company The Sonepa Plastics Industries buys and sells many resins in Scrap, Offgrade and virgin qualities and forms. If you are interested in purchasing check our Resins For Sale page and if you want to sell take a look at the Resins Wanted page. SPI is continually updating these listings so check back often. Afraid you might miss something don’t worry you can sign up for one of our many e-mail Listings and get informed automatically via e-mail when changes are posted. If you want to add something to SPI’s listing of Resins Wanted or Resins For Sale just click on one of the appropriate Post Resins sections and complete the questionnaire and send it to us.

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